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Search Tip for Viewing Flowers by Color

When searching for flowers by color, there are a couple of things you need to consider.

  1. Flower color is variable even with plants growing close together. Sometime the difference can be subtle, other time, very pronounced. It is not uncommon to see a field of pink Buttercups like those in the banner with patches of white ones intermingled.
  2. Flower color is subject to the interpretation of the viewer. What one person sees as red, another person will say is orange
    I have tried to make it a little easier by grouping similar colors together but there can still be problems.
    Pinks are grouped with red and all shades of purple are with blue, but sometime pink and very light violet can be confusing. Some light colored flowers will appear white and some flowers listed as white my have some light tint.
    Some flowers like Mexican Hat (Ratibida columnfera) are multi-colored. In these situations as well as with most of the flowers posted, I tried to rely on previously publish information, but occasionally had to use my best judgement.
    So after viewing all the flowers in the category you believe best fit the flower your are trying to identify, be sure to check other similar colors.
    Also, as you view the photos remember that cameras don’t always record the image true to life. If the flower color in the photos appear different than the flower you are trying to identify, it could be a natural variation in the flower or it could be the fault of the camera.