Oenothera drummondii (Beach Evening Primrose)

Oenother drummondii, also known as Beach Evening Primrose, is a beautiful wildflower native to the United States. It belongs to the Onagraceae family and can be found in Florida, Louisiana, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Texas. Oenother drummondii is a perennial subshrub. As the common name implies the Beach Evening Primrose grows along coastal beaches. Usually growing in protected areas behind sand dunes.

This stunning flower has white petals with yellow stamens that burst into bloom during the evening hours. Its long-lasting blooms are fragrant and make it an ideal candidate for gardens or landscaping projects around your home. When in full bloom it creates a wonderful sight that will attract butterflies and hummingbirds alike.

Oenother drummondii Information

Common NamesBeach Evening Primrose
Native to USAFL, LA, NC, SC, TX
SizeUp to 2 feet tall

It prefers moist soil but can tolerate drought conditions better than other members of its family thanks to its deep roots system which helps it draw moisture from deeper layers of soil. Oenother drummondii requires full sun exposure to thrive so make sure you plant them in sunny spots when adding them to your garden or landscape design!

Overall this wildflower is quite easy to care for and makes a great addition to any outdoor space due to its eye-catching beauty and sweet fragrance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Oenother drummondii edible?

Yes, Oenother drummondii is edible.

Is Oenother drummondii an invasive species of plant?

Yes, Oenother drummondii, is considered to be an invasive species of plant.