Mimosa strigillosa (Powderpuff)

Mimosa strigillosa is an amazing wildflower native to the United States. It belongs to the Fabaceae family and has several common names, including Powderpuff, Sensitive Plant, and Sunshine Mimosa. This beautiful flower can be found in Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, and Texas. These lovely blooms attract all sorts of insects like bees and butterflies.

Mimosa strigillosa is quite a sight to behold. The leaves of the plant are finely divided and covered in silky hairs, giving it an incredibly soft texture. In addition, Mimosa strigillosa is extremely sensitive to cold temperatures and will die off if exposed for too long. Despite its sensitivity to cold weather, this species can be planted year-round in the warmer states of its native range.

Mimosa strigillosa Information

Common NamesPowderpuff, Sensitive Plant, Sunshine Mimosa
Native to USAAR, FL, GA, LA, TX 
Size.5 feet tall

Mimosa strigillosa features delicate pink flowers that are incredibly soft to the touch; hence its name ‘Powderpuff’. The foliage of this plant is fern-like with a silvery coloration on both sides of each leaf, giving it an elegant look. When touched gently or exposed to direct sunlight, these leaves will close up quickly like an umbrella as a defense mechanism – thus earning it another nickname: Sensitive Plant! Because of its unique beauty and sensitivity towards light exposure (sunshine), many people choose this particular species for their gardens or other landscaping projects.

If you want your garden to stand out from others, then consider planting some Mimosa strigillosas.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Mimosa strigillosa edible?

No, Mimosa strigillosa is not edible.

Is Mimosa strigillosa an invasive species of plant?

No, Mimosa strigillosa is not an invasive species of plant.