Hydrolea ovata (Blue Water Leaf)

Hydrolea ovata, commonly known as the Blue Water Leaf, Hairy Hydrolea, or Ovate False Fiddleleaf, is a native wildflower in the Hydrophyllaceae family most commonly found in the American southeastern states of Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Oklahoma, and Tennessee. However, it has also naturalized in some parts of Texas.

This perennial herb grows up to 36 inches tall and prefers full sun and moist, well-drained soil. Its leaves are ovate with hairy surfaces, usually about 2-4 inches long. They have pointed tips and a slightly lobed base. The flowers are star-shaped with five lobes and grow in clusters up to 12 inches long. They vary from various shades of blue, purple, and white.

The flowers are pollinated by bumblebees and butterflies, which also enjoy the nectar they produce. The plant is deer-resistant and drought-tolerant once established. It generally blooms in spring through summer but may bloom sporadically throughout the year.

Hydrolea ovata is an easy-care plant that requires little maintenance. As it is a native species, it adapts well to several soil types and will grow in nearly any location with enough sunlight and moisture. Its pest resistance makes it an ideal choice for gardeners looking for low-maintenance plants. Additionally, it is an excellent choice for attracting pollinators to gardens.

In addition to its garden use, Hydrolea ovata makes a great cut flower and can be dried for ornamental arrangements as well. It is also edible and has been used medicinally by Native Americans in the past. The plant’s leaves can be eaten raw or cooked and its flowers can be used to make tea. The leaves are said to have diuretic, antispasmodic, and expectorant properties.

Overall, Hydrolea ovata is a resilient wildflower that provides beauty and natural pest control in the home garden. It is an easy-care plant that is low maintenance and deer-resistant, making it an ideal choice for many gardeners.

Hydrolea ovata Information

Common NamesBlue Water Leaf, Hairy Hydrolea, Ovate False Fiddleleaf
Native to USA
Size36 inches tall

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Hydrolea ovata edible?

Yes, Hydrolea ovata is edible.

Is Hydrolea ovata an invasive species of plant?

No, Hydrolea ovata is not an invasive species of plant.