Eryngium hookeri (Hooker’s Eryngo)

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Eryngium hookeri is a wildflower belonging to the Apiaceae family native to Louisiana, Arkansas, Mississippi, Oklahoma and Texas. It is commonly known as Hooker’s Eryngo due to its long threadlike stems that can reach heights of around 2 feet tall.

The flowers of this plant are small and greenish-blue in color, resembling a starburst. They are surrounded by clusters of spiny bracts that resemble thistles.

Hooker’s Eryngo is an incredibly hardy wildflower, able to withstand both wet and dry soil conditions. It prefers to grow in full sun and can even survive in high temperature conditions.

This versatile wildflower is also a great choice for gardeners who are looking for a low maintenance flower to add to their landscape. It has very few pests and rarely needs any extra care or attention.

Hooker’s Eryngo is the perfect wildflower for gardens that need a bit of pizzazz. Its starburst-like flowers and spiky bracts are sure to make any garden stand out and bring beauty to your home.

If you’re looking for a hardy wildflower that will brighten up any landscape then Hooker’s Eryngo is the perfect choice!

Eryngium hookeri Information

Family Apiaceae
Common Names Hooker’s Eryngo
Native to USA AR, LA, MS, OK, TX
Size About 2 feet tall

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Eryngium hookeri edible?

Eryngium hookeri is not edible.

Is Eryngium hookeri an invasive species of plant?

Eryngium hookeri is not an invasive species of plant. It is a native plant to the USA and found growing in many Southern states.