Bellardia trixago (Mediterranean Lineseed)

Bellardia trixago, also known as Mediterranean Lineseed, is a member of the Scrophulariaceae family. It is native to the Mediterranean region and has been introduced to parts of the United States, including California and Texas.

This wildflower grows to a size of about one foot and has a number of synonyms, including Bartisia trixago. If you are a gardener interested in learning more about this beautiful and unique wildflower, keep reading for more information!

Bellardia trixago Information

Common NamesMediterranean Lineseed
SynonymsBartisia trixago
Introduced to USCA, TX
SizeAbout 1 foot

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Bellardia trixago edible?

Bellardia trixago is not edible.

Is Bellardia trixago an invasive species?

Bellardia trixago is not an invasive species but it is also not native to the US.